August 21, 2019

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Online Chat

live-chat-personAt, we want our member law firms to get leads.  We know from experience that online chat is one of the most effective ways for clients to contact your law firm.  For that reason, we are making online chat available on individual law firm and attorney profiles.  Whenever someone is checking out your profile, it will be as easy as a single click for them to begin to engage with a representative who will help capture their contact information so you can follow up directly with them.

All chat leads are sent directly to you by email within minutes after the actual chat conversation.

Our Online Chat program is simple and affordable.  After the one-time set-up fee of $150, you only pay for the chat leads that we generate for you.  The cost is only $12 per sales lead.  To qualify as a sales lead, the person engaging with the chat agent must (a) be interested in your services, (b) provide a name, and (c) provide their email address or phone number so you can follow up.  There is no charge for former or existing clients or for people who are not interested in retaining your services.

Contact us to set up chat on your profile today.